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The violet hues and amber trichomes of Purple Haze enhance the particular appearance of its buds.The purple color is given by the predominant pigments in their leaves , called anthocyanins or anthocyanins , capable of absorbing the wavelengths of the sun except those inherent in the indigo spectrum , which is why the plant develops the purple color, but only at the end of the vegetative phase, and therefore when it is about to bloom.

P urple haze has a very strong and intense flavor of grapes and berries but at the same time delicate, the aftertaste is truly particular.

The aroma is sweet and tropical in taste.

The buds are medium / large in size and have a very dark purple color and a high presence of vivid orange pistils.

Average CBD values, associated with a singular terpene profile, induce feelings of relaxation and serenity, without excessively accentuating muscle fatigue.


    • GENETICS : Belen
    • PRODUCTION : Outdoor
    • TERPENS : Terpinolene, Linalool
    • THC : 0.40%
    • CBD : 20%

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