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On the night of May 7 in Gubbio, in the province of Perugia, a violent attack took place explosion which destroyed a laboratory used for the extraction of the active ingredients of Cannabis.

The intervention of the fire brigade was immediate and only thanks to their timeliness three people were saved and extracted from the rubble. Despite the almost immediate arrival of help, a nineteen year old and a 50 year old lady lost their lives.

The explosion

The dynamics of what at first are still unclear it seemed to be an explosion in a city house.

The blast would have occurred in a shed in which they were carried out solvent processing operations to extract i active ingredients of the Cannabis Light, specifically the full spectrum CBD extract.

The explosion would then have caused the collapse of the attic of the house above where the victims resided.

Of the three people extracted alive from the rubble, the most serious was first taken to the Santa Maria della Misericordia hospital in Perugia and then urgently transferred to the “Centro Grandi Scioni” of the Cesena hospital. The man reportedly suffered burns throughout his body and spinal cord injury.

The other two injured are instead hospitalized at the Branca hospital in Gubbio with crushing trauma.

The importance of regulating the sector

To date, despite the fact that the whole world is increasingly understanding the importance of officinal preparations with an eye to CBD-rich hemp extract, the Italian state is not yet able to provide precise indications and well-defined guidelines for a sector that now boasts thousands of companies.

This is the third explosion in three years from a laboratory not up to standard, devoid of protection systems and a certified production cycle.

These structures are born and work due to the growing and constant demand for Cannabis placing on the market products without a real quality standard. It is common to find work carried out with unsuitable solvents, without respecting the hygienic-sanitary regulations or an effective work safety plan.

The use of hemp extract with a high CBD content, in particular that aimed at the pharmaceutical market, requires adequate controls. For this to happen, the state Italian should allow individuals and institutionalized realities the execution of processing in a legal, transparent and controlled manner in order to minimize the risk of similar events occurring.

The words of the president of the Region

" In my name and in the name of the entire Umbrian community, I express my sincere closeness to the workers, and their families, involved in the explosion that took place in the Eugubino this afternoon. ”Declared Donatella Tesei, president of the Umbria Region. This takes place a few days after May 1st, Labor Day. On the part of the whole Region and the President, the condolences went out for the family of the victims.

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